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How To Use And Drink From An Outdoor Folding Water Bag (What Are The Portable Sports Water Bags)

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Outdoor folding water bag

How to use the outdoor folding water bag how to drink water? The outdoor folding water bag produced by Uni-Pak Packaging has a suction nozzle (valve) through which you can drink and fight water, very portable and can be used repeatedly with confidence. In addition, it is equipped with the same hook, which is convenient to hang on bags, belts.

This water bag is our special for the Tokyo Olympics, regardless of the material, shape, quality are very nice.

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Large capacity outdoor folding water bag

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Portable sports folding water bag

For this large-capacity outdoor folding water bag, is currently very popular with our customers, because the summer is here, we go out to travel or outdoor activities, we can use to fill the water, used to wash hands and dishes, fruit and bath. This large-capacity outdoor folding water bag can be filled with water, we can also be used to fill the hand sanitizer, beer, very versatile.

This innovative, soft, foldable, portable sports water bag is more of an on-the-go water container than a traditional rigid water bottle, and can be attached to a backpack or waistband and folded up into a backpack when finished. For a hiker, this is more efficient in terms of space usage and lighter in weight. They are also reusable.

These water bags can be customized in a variety of shapes, capacities. Also can be printed with the customer's logo.Currently these collapsible water bags are very popular. They can be given as gifts to family and friends. These folding water bags are simple and easy to use, but also space-saving. You deserve to have them. If you have a need for this, welcome to consult us. We welcome OEM/ODM customization, and free samples for you to do testing.

Post time: Jul-08-2022